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Private Investigator Services

England, Scotland, Wales

FindaDetective private investigators provide a comprehensive range of services for solicitors, business and the general public throughout England, Scotland, Wales and internationally.

Find, Research, Serve

There are three core services provided by investigators.

  • Find some person or asset.
  • Research / watch some person or asset.
  • Serve court papers on some person or business.

These three services underpin the multitude of services provided by your private investigator.

Investigation services

Detective Agencies provide a wide range of services covering both basic services and more specialist services.

  • Some Agencies specialise in a particular type of investigation.
  • Some agencies specialise in a particular geographical area.

Take time to discuss your particular requirements with the investigator. Ensure they have fully imderstood your requirements and that there is a good fit between their service and your need.

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Range of services

  • Fraud Investigation
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Crime Prevention
  • Anti-corruption Investigation
  • Computer Crime Investigation
  • Information Security Investigation
  • Corporate Security Investigation
  • Copyright Infringement Investigation
  • Patent Infringement Investigation
  • Counterfeit goods Investigation
  • Grey Market & Parallel Trading Investigation
  • Product Contamination Investigations
  • Industrial Espionage Investigations
  • Director/Staff Loyalty Investigations
  • Internal Loss (Shrinkage) Investigations
  • Blackmail Investigations
  • Theft of Goods in Transit Investigations
  • Pre & Post Employment Investigations
  • Due Diligence Enquiries (Personal & Corporate)
  • Tracing Individuals
  • Debt Recovery
  • Credit Vetting
  • Vehicle, Plant, Aircraft & Boat Repossession
  • Assisting Bailiffs as Creditor’s Representative
  • Test Purchasing
  • Obtaining Statements as to Means
  • Security Surveys
  • Credit Card Collections
  • GPS/GSM Vehicle/Plant/Freight Tracking
  • Forensic Science Services
  • Undercover Operations
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Risk Management
  • Interviewing (inc. multi-lingual)
  • RTA Investigation (Non-Injury)
  • Locus Reports
  • Fraudulent Claims Investigation
  • Public Liability Claims Investigation
  • Employers Liability Claims Investigation
  • RTA Injury Claims Investigation
  • Business Interruption Claims Investigation
  • Property Claims Investigation
  • Theft Claims Investigation
  • Theft Investigations (non-insurance)
  • Travel Claims Investigation
  • Life Insurance Claims Investigation
  • Private Medical Claims Investigation
  • Travel Insurance Claims Investigation
  • Mortgage Protection Claims Investigation
  • Accident Claims Investigation (Non RTA, PL or EL)
  • Professional Indemnity Claims Investigation
  • Marine Claims Investigations
  • Process Serving
  • Criminal Defence Investigations
  • Civil Proceedings Investigations (Claimant & Defendant)
  • Bankruptcy Investigations
  • Asset Investigations
  • Status (Pre-sue) Investigations
  • Assisting Counsel
  • Expert Witness
  • Statement Taking
  • Plan Drawing
  • Financial Investigations
  • Tracing Beneficiaries
  • Probate Enquiries
  • Matrimonial Investigations
  • Adoption Enquiries
  • Post Adoption Enquiries
  • Missing Persons Enquiries
  • Genealogy Investigations
  • Peace of Mind Investigations
  • Internet Profiling
  • Tenancy Investigations
  • Pre- home Purchase Investigations
  • Nanny Investigations
  • Surveillance (Physical)
  • Surveillance (Technical)
  • Surveillance (Remote)
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Electronic Surveillance Counter Measures
  • The Recovery of Abducted Minors
  • Locating Missing Property
  • Locating Missing Animals
  • Drug Testing/Screening
  • Investigations, Enquiries and Surveys in relation to:
  • - Planning Applications
  • - Liquor Licensing Applications
  • - Gaming Licence Applications
  • - Betting Office Licence Applications
  • General Investigations not categorised above

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