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Quality Private Investigators in Cardiff

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Cardiff Quality Private Investigators provide an extensive range of private investigation services.

for Public
Tracing missing people - family, friends, colleagues
Partner surveillance
Maintenance disputes - asset tracing
Background checks - staff, new friends, peace of mind reports
Neighbourhood checks
for Business
Debtor tracing
Status / pre-sue checks
Staff investigations - sickness, theft, fraud, IP theft, pre-employment checks
Surveillance - covert surveillance, vehicle tracking, de-bugging
Polygraph lie tests
Tenant screening
Company investigations - due diligence reviews
for Solicitors
Process serves
Finding people - family, debtors
Debtor tracing
Pre-sue reports
Asset locating
RTA locus reports
Criminal defence support
Civil proceedings support - claimant, defendent

Bluemoon Investigations029 2002 6464

Business services: Asset searching, Claims investigator, Financial investigator, Litigation support, Personnel vetting, Process serving, Security audits, Surveillance, Theft & fraud investigator, Witness statements.
Public services: Matrimonial & personal matters, Tracing missing persons.
Company: Part of the Bluemoon Investigations network, the Cardiff office provides local service to Cardiff and the surrounding areas for Industry, Commerce, Legal profession and the general public.


North Court Investigations029 2029 0619

Business services: Due diligence, Surveillance, Electronic de-bugging, Pre-employment screening, Security audits, Process serving, Tracing missing persons, Litigation support, Criminal defence enquiries, Financial investigator, Pre-sue reports.
Public services: Divorce proceedings, Matrimonial surveillance, Polygraph tests, Tracing, Asset location, Background checks.


Quality Investigators

Our private investigators are:

  • Data Protection Act registered

Many of our private investigators are:

  • QCF / EDI Qualified Professional Investigators
  • BTEC Qualified Surveillance
  • PII & PLI insured
  • Disclosure and Barring Service checked

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in Cardiff

Caerphilly, Penarth, Tredegar, Aberdare, Barry, Bridgend, Pontypridd, Merthyr Tydfil, Brecon

Frequently Asked Questions

What services are provided in this area?

The main services available include:

  • Surveillance Cardiff and surrounding area
  • People tracing Cardiff and surrounding area
  • Asset tracing Cardiff and surrounding area
  • RTA locus reports Cardiff and surrounding area
  • Witness statements and accident investigations Cardiff and surrounding area
  • Company reports and competitor intelligence Cardiff and surrounding area
  • Process server Cardiff and surrounding area
  • Polygraph lie test Cardiff and surrounding area

Plus many other Specialist services.

What services does a private investigator provide in Cardiff, Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil?

In 2002 an industry survey identified the range of services provided by investigation agencies in Cardiff. The list below sets out the findings of the survey.

  • Bridgend Accident Claims (Non RTA), Adoption Enquiries, Anti-corruption, Asset, Assisting Bailiffs as Creditor Representative, Assisting Counsel
  • Merthyr Tydfil Bankruptcy Investigations, Blackmail Investigations, Business Interruption Claims Investigation
  • Cardiff Civil Proceedings (Claimant & Defendant), Close Protection, Competitor Intelligence, Computer Crime, Copyright Infringement, Corporate Security, Counter-surveillance, Counterfeit goods, Credit Card Collections, Credit Vetting, Crime Prevention, Criminal Defence, Debt Recovery, Director/Staff Loyalty, Drug Testing/Screening, Due Diligence Enquiries (Personal & Corporate)
  • Bridgend Electronic Surveillance, Electronic Surveillance Counter Measures, Employers Liability Claims, Expert Witness
  • Merthyr Tydfil Financial, Forensic Accounting, Forensic Science Services, Fraud, Fraud Prevention, Fraudulent Claims
  • Cardiff Genealogy, GPS/GSM Vehicle/Plant/Freight Tracking, Grey Market & Parallel Trading
  • Bridgend Industrial Espionage, Information Security, Internal Loss (Shrinkage), Internet Profiling, Interviewing (inc. multi-lingual), Enquiries and Surveys in relation to: Planning Applications, Liquor Licensing Applications, Gaming Licence Applications, Betting Office Licence Applications
  • Merthyr Tydfil Life Insurance Claims, Locating Missing Animals, Locating Missing Property, Locus Reports
  • Cardiff Manned Guarding, Marine Claims, Matrimonial, Missing Persons Enquiries, Mortgage Protection Claims
  • Bridgend Nanny investigations
  • Merthyr Tydfil Patent Infringement, Peace of Mind, Plan Drawing, Polygraph lie detection test, Post Adoption Enquiries, Pre & Post Employment, Pre- home Purchase Reports, Private Medical Claims, Probate Enquiries, Process Serving, Product Contamination, Professional Indemnity Claims, Property Claims, Public Liability Claims
  • Cardiff Risk Management, Recovery of Abducted Minors, RTA Injury Claims, RTA Investigation (Non-Injury)
  • Bridgend Security Surveys, Statement Taking, Statements as to Means, Status (Pre-sue) Enquiries, Surveillance: Physical, Remote, Foot, Mobile, Static, Technical
  • Merthyr Tydfil Tenancy, Test Purchasing, Theft Claims, Theft (non-insurance), Theft of Goods in Transit, Tracing Beneficiaries, Tracing Individuals, Family, Friends, Translations, Travel Claims, Travel Insurance Claims
  • Cardiff Undercover Operations
  • Bridgend Vehicle, Plant, Aircraft & Boat Repossession
  • Merthyr Tydfil General Investigations not categorised above

Most detective agencies provide only a small range of these services. Services may also be described in different ways.

What do you call a private investigator?

Research undertaken by FindaDetective identified terms commonly used to describe private investigation. Here is our list.

  • Many of the terms can be prefixed with the word private or the word professional. These are not shown here as alternatives.
  • Investigators and Detectives are the most common terms. Investigations is the third most popular general term.
  • Agent is a term that is used in conjunction with another word, such as Enquiry Agents and Solicitors Agents, as well as Detective Agent and Investigation Agent.
  • Agency and Bureau are two terms used to describe a company providing investigation services. The terms may also be combined with other terms, such as Detective Agencies, Detective Bureau and Bureau of Investigation.
  • Private Eyes and Gum Shoe are two of the popular terms for private investigators

If you know any more then let us know and we will add them to the list.