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Peter Arthur Heims


Peter Heims passed away on Friday April 26, 2013 following an illness.

Peter had retired some years before after over 40 years working as a private investigator.

He will be missed by colleagues and friends.

Some pages from his website have been hosted for information.

Countering Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage is one of the greatest threats to industry today, responsible for millions of pounds of loss

Just how universal it is, how it is growing in scope and sophistication, the methods used and how these can be countered, is the theme of this book. It combines, in readable form, the general background of the whole subject, supported by a wealth of information as to the techniques employed and the steps which companies, individuals and organisations can and should take to protect their interests or bring culprits to book.

Countering Industrial Espionage

Damage done by theft of secrets of processes, production plans, ideas, sources of materials, labour and information, is often irretrievable; the theme of this book, intended to help the specialist, the novice and the layman, is therefore, the countering of industrial espionage. And it is written by an author whose style is not only readable and easily understandable, but who has had long and considerable experience in the world of security in its broadest aspects.

Some of the instances of industrial espionage may well surprise some readers. They include cases of:

  • An undertaker stealing another's trade by the planting of a bug.
  • The theft of some of the design secrets of the Concorde.
  • How a leading pharmaceutical company lost millions of pounds by the theft of drug secrets.
  • How computers can be tapped, and their records either erased, altered or supplemented by false information.
  • How legislation is powerless to protect the possessors of industrial secrets, and their subsequent exploitation.

This book is a must for those concerned with industry, for executives, production managers - and even public relations officers who, in their anxiety to promote their firm's name and standing through the media, often disclose information, or give an industrial spy advance notice of the existence of industrial secrets which are worth stealing.

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