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GS Investigations

GS Investigations

Operations Manager

0800 246 1705

GS Investigations

GS Investigations, Hampshire


GS Investigations is a professional agency that conducts all enquiries and operations ethically and in accordance with the law.

Our enquiries are always carried out to the highest of integrity standards. The results are reported back to our clients in a full and transparent method.

We are able to present our findings to an evidential standard for Criminal, Civil and Family Court Proceedings. If needed we will attend Court to give evidence in support of our clients case as part of the service.

The Team

The agency was founded by a former Police Officer who is responsible for Managing the Business and Directing Operations. He has a combined Military and Police Service of over 33 years.

During his military career he worked at Electronic Warfare Intelligence Units. As a Police Officer he was a career Detective working on Murder Investigations and other Major Incidents, as well as working within the ‘intelligence network’. He successfully conducted investigations overseas as well as being involved in other matters at a national level.

Our operatives are all experienced former police officers and / or ex-military personnel, providing us with all the specific skills and expertise required to conduct investigations of all natures in a modern world.

We also have a number of female agents that enable us to cater for gender specific roles.

In addition to our own expertise we have a network of specialist services that we utilise, therefore ensuring we are able to provide the most current, efficient and effective processes on behalf of our clients in an ever increasing technical society.



  • Asset Checks
  • Background / Antecedent Enquiries
  • Co-habitation Evidence
  • Domestic Staff Checks and Surveillance
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Lifestyle Reports
  • Matrimonial Surveillance
  • Tracing of Relatives and Friends
  • Vehicle Tracking


  • Absence Management
  • Computer Fraud Investigation
  • Copyright, patent & trademark infringement
  • Counter Industrial Espionage
  • Due Dilligence & Background Checks
  • Electronic Sweeps
  • Employee screening/vetting
  • Internal Theft and Fraud
  • Misappropriation of Information
  • Surveillance Investigations
  • Vehicle Tracking


  • Fatal and Serious Injury Road Traffic Incidents
  • Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
  • Tachograph Analysis
  • Data Forensic Services and De-bugging
    • Examination of Computers, SatNav, GPS, Mobile Phones etc
    • Misappropriation of Information
    • Industrial Espionage
    • Disloyal Employees
    • Inappropriate Internet Usage
  • Handwriting Analysis
    • Requested and non-requested specimens can be analysed to prove or disprove an individual’s involvement in suspected fraud and other cases.


Solicitors Agents

  • Asset Locating
  • CFA’s / CICA’s
  • Court Services
  • Criminal Defence
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Locus Reports, Plans, Photographs
  • Personal Injury and Accident Investigation
  • Process and Affidavits
  • Statements of Evidence
  • Witness Tracing

Service Area

GS Investigations are based in Portsmouth and cover all of Hampshire, West Sussex and East Dorset.

We will operate nationally, and have a support network available should it be required.


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GS Investigations


Operations Manager



0800 246 1705 or
07341 332 150


Ground Floor Building 1000
Lakeside North Harbour
Western Road

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